Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting for Small sized Businesses

best windows VPS hosting

If you are running a small or medium sized business and rely heavily on your website for lead generation then Windows VPS is the best choice for you. Its price is much cheaper than dedicated servers but has unlimited access, thereby it best suits small-sized businesses. This is a solution that ensures that your website is always up, fast and secure. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of Cheap Windows VPS hosting and where to buy it to ensure the safety of your website.

What is a Cheap Windows VPS?

overview of Windows VPS

A virtual private server (VPS) is a type of web hosting service that provides users with a Dedicated Virtual Machine. When you sign up for VPS hosting, you are given a virtualized portion of your physical server. In this virtualized environment, you have your own operating system to configure any software or application. Cheap Windows VPS is used for multi-purpose as a dedicated server, giving you full control over your server resources without any additional costs. 

Benefits of using Windows VPS Hosting 

benefits of using windows vps hosting

1. The optimal choice for businesses  

Most businesses operate on Windows Operating Systems. The tools and documents they use are all in the Windows version. Therefore, the Windows operating system has a strong connection with businesses. Windows VPS server is highly compatible with Microsoft products, so you do not need to transfer data back and forth. Then if you are on that list of businesses, a Windows VPS server is an excellent choice. In essence, VPS Windows hosting is like a regular computer with the same operating system. If you are familiar with the Windows interface and configuration, server management and maintenance are, of course, easy.

2. Isolation  

With Cheap Windows VPS Hosting, you will not have to share server resources with other websites or be concerned about performance. VPS Window Hosting provides a guarantee of Server resources. Also, page loading performance is uninterrupted, which helps grow websites with traffic spikes.  

Each server operates independently as a dedicated server creating a private environment for your website, with its own resources such as CPU, RAM, and memory.  That means the resources allocated to your website are reserved for your use. This isolation increases the security of your website. 

3. Full root access 

The hosting provider provides full administration and control of the VPS server. This access allows you to control the server according to your needs, making changes to its configuration, software, and settings. Additionally, you can make adjustments to improve server performance. You may allocate more resources to handle increased traffic, optimize server software for faster response times, and deploy caching or content delivery to improve page loading speed. In other words, you have full root access, to install 3rd party applications or perform other necessary configurations to control your server and have it function properly. 

4. Powerful website security  

Web hosting security is a top concern for small and medium-sized businesses, as cyber attacks can be devastating. Specifically, Windows VPS Hosting keeps your website separate from other users, thereby minimizing the potential risks associated with sharing resources on a server. Also, by renting Cheap Window VPS, you have full access to administrative control over your VPS server,  getting the highest level of authority and privileges.  On your Windows VPS Server, you can configure apps or security tools that fit your needs, protecting your servers from cyber-attacks, malware, data breaches, etc. 

5. Cost-effective solution   

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting is a middle ground between shared and dedicated resources. You might know the insecurity of shared hosting, so Windows Hosting is the most cost effective solution if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on dedicated servers.

6. Easy to use 

Windows VPS servers are considered user-friendly including beginners and easy to use without mastering much technical knowledge. It works just like a desktop device, thereby you can easily control, manage and modify website content, making it a convenient web hosting solution. 

7. High configuration

In today’s digital age, managing multiple social media accounts requires a lot of resources, including Windows VPS with a high configuration. This type of server along with a SMM tool helps to reach millions of people all over the world and benefit your brand recognition. The ability to open multiple threads provides a smooth experience for users to manage their accounts easily. Our Windows SSD VPS also is better in every aspect to meet your needs beyond expectations, providing more reliability and better performance.

Where to buy Cheap Windows VPS?

In recent years, proxygeo not only provides quality proxy packages but also offers Cheap VPS Hosting including Windows. Windows plans provide scalability for growing a website and surging online traffic without breaking the bank. Also, it gets featured with a modern SSD disk and provides the capability to run multiple scheduled tasks and applications. Your website will be able to load instantly and be always available with our Windows VPS. Here are a wide range of configuration options so that you can choose a server that best suits your needs. 

list of Windows VPS hosting

After making an order, you’ll receive VPS details ASAP and full-managed services as well as a real Windows PC which you can connect and use from anywhere. Remote Desktop Connection is the only tool that you are required to have on your own device to be able to connect to Windows VPS.  

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