What is IPV6 proxy? How to buy IPV6 proxy

How to buy IPV6 proxy

Social media’s popularity and reach requires an emphasis on online security and privacy. Therefore, more Internet protocols are also established to protect users’ identity and maintain anonymity. IPv6 is an improved version of IPV4, with better scalability and support for new applications. IPV6 proxy became essential when developers discover that IPv4 has a finite number of IP addresses. In this article, we’ll discover the difference between IPV6 and IPV4 proxies and you can then choose the type of protocol that best suits your needs.

What is an IPV6 proxy?

Introduction to IPV6 proxy

IPV6 proxy is a type of proxy that uses the IPV6 protocol, with 128 bits to encrypt data, thus providing a very large number of IPs. IPV6 helps improve online privacy by hiding users’ original address, making it difficult for websites to track and identify them. It is a new proxy version set to allow users to create an infinite number of IP addresses. 

IPv6 allows access to IPv6-enabled websites, which expands your web browsing capabilities. Alternatively, it has the potential to improve browsing speeds, especially if your ISP optimizes IPv6 routing. This can result in quicker loading times for websites and smoother social media interactions. IPV6 also offers geographic flexibility, providing the ability to appear from different locations. This protocol also attracts many businesses to host their servers on it.

What are differences between IPV4 and IPV6 proxies? 

benefits of using IPV6 proxy

IPV6 provides support for more devices than IPV4. In addition to allowing for about 340 undecillion unique addresses, it also gives you outstanding benefits compared to IPV4 as follows:

  • Better performance

IPV6 packet header is more streamlined with 8 fields, while IPV4 uses 14 fields. Typical routers are not required to process extension fields, resulting in significantly improved performance. 

IPV6 reduces the size of routing tables which are like more efficient maps, allowing routers to make decisions faster and use less memory. 

For IPv6, the source device is responsible for breaking it into packets and putting them back together at the destination. This improvement makes the whole process more efficient.

IPV6 has a built-in system for managing this traffic named QoS. It’s making sure each application gets the right amount of bandwidth so that they all move smoothly and making your internet experience better. 

  • Enhanced Security

The address pool is huge in size, which provides better security. This abundance of IP addresses makes it much more difficult for hackers to scan through all the possible addresses. IPv6 also offers built-in features to ensure packet integrity and network traffic encryption. This helps protect against data tampering and ensures the reliability of data transmission. 

  • Simpler Network Infrastructure

IPV4 provides a small number of IP addresses, making developers find ways to share these addresses among multiple devices. IPV4 deals with the scarcity using NAT, which involves a router examining each packet entering a local network and deciding which device should receive. This slows down network operations. Meanwhile, IPV6 does not need to use NAT. It is not only more efficient but also simplifies the setup and maintenance of corporate networks.

Although IPV6 offers a larger number of IPs than the IPV4 version, many existing devices, networks, and services are still primarily based on IPv4. Although giants like Google, Youtube, and Facebook all allow access using IPV6, not all websites, services or applications are fully compatible with IPv6. If you have legacy systems that rely on IPv4, you are recommended to keep using and change gradually.

How to buy IPV6 proxy at proxygeo

If you are interested in purchasing an IPV6 proxy, you can follow these general steps:

  • Understand your needs

Are you looking for IPV6 to enhance your privacy, bypass geo-restriction or manage social media? Proxygeo offers IPV6 packages such as: USA Static Proxy IPV6, USA Rotating Proxy IPV6, Youtube proxy. If you want to maintain privacy, you can choose to buy USA Static Proxy IPV6, then proxygeo will provide you with a list of unique IP addresses. Alternatively, USA Rotating proxy IPV6 offers millions of different IPs after rotating time, improving your web browsing experience. And Youtube proxy helps manage multiple social media accounts and increase engagement to your channel. So determining the right purpose will help you choose the right package and maximize performance.

  • Complete your payment and choose rotating time – IPV6 proxy

Proxygeo offers monthly, quarterly and bi-annual plans as shown above, you can choose which one suits your needs best.

Rotating proxies provides a higher level of anonymity as your IP address changes every 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes, making it more challenging for websites to track your activity. Here you can choose the rotation time that tailors your purposes. Finally click Buy Now to complete your order.

  • Configure proxy settings

After completing your payment, you’ll be able to get a list of proxies as shown below. However, to be able to use our proxies, you are required to add your real IP for authorization. First, you visit whoer.net to get your real IP:

whoer.net - youtube proxy

Next, click Assign access IP to add your IP and press Submit:

Upon your IP is shown, then you can Export files and use a list of proxies. For more details, you can check this guide

export proxy file - IPV6 proxy

In short, the IPV6 Protocol is widely used today, is an upgraded version of IPV4 and provides a larger address space with millions of unique IPs. IPV6 allows users to browse websites anonymously without revealing their real location or identity. By following the above steps, you can use IPV6 proxy safely and effectively, ensuring a safe and private online experience.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at proxygeo.com