Buy premium dedicated proxy & How does it work?

In the digital world of today, web surfing is becoming increasingly popular and necessary for both individuals and businesses. Hence, this situation indicates urgent needs for privacy protection and an uninterrupted browsing experience. Unlike shared proxies, a dedicated proxy is IP addresses authorized to you and only you at any given time by a proxy provider. Accordingly, dedicated proxies are a crucial tool to enhance your online presence and keep your data safe. Let’s go further into this article to explore all you need to know about dedicated proxies.

Understanding dedicated proxy

Buy dedicated proxies - bypass geo-locations 

Dedicated proxies are proxies that are exclusive for your use. They act the same as any type of proxy server, but you don’t have to share your IP address with anyone else. Dedicated IP addresses are datacenter proxies as you don’t have to usually switch between multiple IP addresses as you’ll only be using a single IP address. For privacy purposes that require exclusive IPs, you cannot use rotating proxies because they frequently change IP addresses. Most likely, you may lose connection suddenly due to the device or when the IP is rotating. When it comes to dedicated proxies, the biggest no-no is free IPs. As free proxies are often unreliable and may lead to information being hacked.

Dedicated proxies are especially great when you need to associate an IP address with a specific online account. This type of proxy is highly suitable for users who require high stability. For example, clients using automation tools want to associate each proxy for a single social account rather than using rotating proxies to wait for multiple new IPs.

Dedicated proxies act as exclusive servers between your device and the internet. This type of proxy provides unique addresses, leading to more benefits in the activities that need:

  • A higher level of anonymity, keeping your data secured and preventing online tracking.
  • An extra layer of security for enhanced security, protect your data from cyber threats
  • Exceptional speed: involves the available bandwidth is not shared with other users. 
  • Bypass geo-location: With dedicated proxies, you have access to geo-restricted content. For example, with US dedicated proxies, you have the opportunity to watch live shows only available in the US, check prices or review competitors, etc.

Comparison between rotating proxies and dedicated proxies 

comparison between rotating proxy and dedicated proxy

  • Pros and cons of dedicated proxies 

As mentioned above, dedicated proxies add a layer of security that keeps your sensitive information safe on the internet. Also, dedicated proxies provide higher internet speeds without competition of bandwidth and ensure optimal performance. You have full control of the proxy IP addresses that are fresh or unused, less likely to be banned and making your activities appear as new users. Then, it is extremely useful for web scraping and users’ own needs. Ultimately, dedicated proxy provides a safe connection and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access or data breach. 

As dedicated proxies offer exceptional performance, so their unit price or maintenance expenses are higher than other types of proxies. Their prices are based on the amount of bandwidth and IPs, so they might be expensive for users purchasing a large number of proxies. In addition, its IP exclusivity also limits the number of IPs you receive. If you rent 20 proxies, then you have access to 20 proxies only, not get more new IPs as provided by rotating proxies. 

  • Understanding rotating proxy

For businesses that need a large number of IPs or do large-scale tasks but desire to save costs, rotating proxies are the perfect choice to spread requests over millions of IPs. The larger the IP pool, the better your chances of getting more IPs to your tasks.  Also, changing IP frequently minimizes the risk of being banned by target web servers and makes it easier to bypass captchas. By constantly changing your IP, rotating proxies act as shields, making it harder for others to track your activities. 

How to get private proxy 

If you’ve opted for the dedicated proxy as the way to go, you’re probably understanding how to get them. Almost all providers offer reliable and fast service, but each ISP will have its own unique features that you need to understand before making an order. When it comes to Proxygeo, it often offers large numbers of IPs to marketing businesses that manage social media. If you’ve been around the MMO world long enough, you might know proxygeo.

  • Proxygeo provides a large pool of private IPs to meet the increasing needs of users. 
  • There is also an IP refill feature, which replaces failed IPs with a new one. 
  • Download speeds are fast, so this is a good choice for tasks that require instant IP. 
  • Proxygeo does not require purchasing multiple proxies, as proxygeo wants to ensure users find the most suitable proxy. So the smaller proxy package is a cost-effective solution for businesses to evaluate first.

usa private proxy - dedicated proxy

Additionally, proxygeo provides residential proxies that help bypass geo-location with multiple countries and city targeting. It works as a dedicated proxy allowing you to diversify your country proxies and optimize browsing efficiency.

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