US proxy – How to get the highest freedom on the Internet

How to buy US proxies

The online world is constantly changing and evolving faster than ever before, especially how to make money. Content creators, influencers, and artists are always looking for ways to connect with audiences but have a tough time managing social media. Also, when it comes to market research, the US provides a great potential for businesses to get more information about their rivals. With that in mind, IP proxy from the US has been a great tool to provide access to US websites and appearance from the US. Let’s find out its importance and types of US proxy in this article so that you can make up your mind exactly.

Are US proxies important? 

Proxy is a tool that forwards requests between clients and website servers. US proxy is a server present in the US to handle requests for accessing information in the US. Just like other countries, US proxies are designed for users who desire to access US-specific content or appear from the US. When you request proxies to connect to a certain website, you aren’t directly connecting to the site, but an ISP will connect on your behalf and pass the response of the target site back along to you. In essence, using proxies or US proxies can achieve anonymous access and collect data in the specified country, overcoming the issue of geolocation.

Benefits of US proxies

You may know the United States appears in statistics on Google or social media when it comes to user share. Therefore, users from the US play a key role in your channel growth on social media. The more users in the US, the more trustworthy your channel is. US proxies are then designed to drive social channel growth as each proxy IP represents a user interacting with your account and makes it viral over time. As for businesses, US proxy opens the opportunity to gain insights and experience of major companies situated in the US and gather competitors’ data. As a result, businesses can optimize their growth as well as get enough professionals to make needed reforms. Depending on the purpose, there are different types of US proxies for users to choose from. Don’t forget to explore them in the following section of the post.   

Popular types of US proxies

1. US Residential proxies

US residential proxy provides users with the ability to route their internet traffic through real residential IP addresses located in the US. Then this type of proxy owns a higher level of security and higher costs than a datacenter or shared proxy. Web servers tend to consider US residential proxies as more reliable and legal sources to access the online information. This makes it harder to be banned by the networking or suspended for activities on social media. 

2. US Rotating proxies (IPV4 or IPV6) 

US rotating proxies grant users a pool of IP addresses from the United States. Proxy rotation makes it more challenging for hackers to track your online activities and avoid IP bans. Accordingly, IPs available in the pool automatically rotate after a specific time or upon request. You can get thousands or millions of new IPs at the same time. This type is often used for data collection or social media management or anything else that needs the large number of IPs.  As a result, US Rotating proxies are a cost-effective solution, which are great for large-scale activities. When it comes to Rotating proxy IPV6, this protocol is used widely for Youtube that allows boosting views and engagement to your YT channel. 

3. US Dedicated proxy 

With a US dedicated proxy, you are the exclusive user of the IP address provided. This means you have full control over its usage, and it is not shared with other users. Dedicated proxies typically offer better performance and reliability without competition of bandwidth or speed limitations compared with shared proxies. 

4. US Static proxy IPV6

US static IPv6 proxies deliver fixed and unchanging IPv6 addresses. In particular, IPv6 is an updated version of IPV4, providing larger address space and significantly improved connectivity. Besides, static proxies offer much higher performance than rotating proxies that change at a time interval. 

What makes the USA Residential Proxy network stand out?

how does US proxy work

US proxy provides clients with the rights to secure surfing on the network. This may deliver a huge opportunity to do market research or leverage the US market to make more money online. Specifically, it allows you to bypass any limits on more resources while keeping your IP anonymous. Consequently, this server helps get the highest freedom on the Internet and improve your online experience for optimizing your online activities. 

US residential networks offer notable benefits over data center proxies. They provide a verified proof for web servers so that clients access the content without any troubles. In other words, these IPs allow you to appear from households or physical locations with unlimited bandwidth. They simulate the behavior of users from multiple different states and cities within the United States, leading to a higher reliability and stability. 

Residential networks give users an additional layer of protection while browsing. Users then freely scrape data or manage multiple social accounts without concern about online security. Because of its flexibility and top-notch, US residential proxies are used for multiple purposes such as: web scraping, social media growth, marketing research, other advanced activities, etc. Ultimately, US residential proxy is always the top choice for users performing online activities. Fortunately, proxygeo provides a wide range of US proxies at a competitive price. Let’s chat with us to find various options of networks from different states and cities among the United States.

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