Residential Proxy – Gain Grounds on Your Competitors

Are you looking for a new life for your marketing tool or web browsing software? It works exactly as its name suggests. Residential proxies refer to real IPs or authentic devices, allowing you to blend in the crowd greater than datacenter IPs. With a residential proxy server, you can shop in Canada while living in Vietnam or collect data in any country you want. You may already come across the term “proxy server” if you are an internet user or social media marketers. However, not many people are aware of what a residential proxy network is. For this ultimate guide, we’ll explain how residential proxy work and where is the best place to buy residential proxies. 

Introduction to Residential Proxy

A residential proxy is a pool of residential IP addresses that come from real devices connected to the internet and helps you to mask users’ own IP address. These addresses are authenticated by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and are connected to residential network addresses. Depending on the proxy services, Residential proxies allow you to choose traffic from specific locations e.g. state, city, country. 

How Does a Residential Proxy Network Work?

introduction of residential proxies

When you connect to the Internet, your device is associated with a network address that shows your location, also known as an IP. By renting a residential proxy, your IP address will be replaced with another address of the residential device. Then, your IP will be hidden and make it appear that you are living in another country. The alternate IP address belongs to the actual device, so the proxy type is used heavily in marketing campaigns or accessing geo-restricted content.

In short, a residential proxy network is a pool of devices connected to the internet that allows users to route their internet requests. Every time you request then you will be assigned a different residential IP address, making it harder for web servers to detect you or block your access. Ultimately, residential proxy is widely used and extremely effective for large purposes. Let’s dive into advantages of using residential proxy:

Benefits of Using a Residential Proxy Network

  • Keep your online activities secured with residential proxy

When using a residential proxy network, the user’s IP address is not only anonymized but also replaced by the real device, enhancing your privacy and keeping your online activities secured. Then your browsing activity cannot be easily found or tracked by others. This benefits your marketing campaigns or market research in the long run.

  • No more geo-restrictions with residential IPs

Some countries and territories will restrict foreign users from accessing their local sites to find out information or do illegal activities. Depending on the proxy provider, residential proxies are divided into different countries and regions, making it easy for users to choose the location they wanna access. By using residential proxies, you can bypass any geographical location and enjoy activities free of taxation. You can not only go shopping, watch live shows, do market research, marketing campaigns, etc. but also protect your identity. 

  • Verification of ads and ads fraud 

Your ad needs verification if it’s being displayed correctly or not. Residential proxies allow you to efficiently perform verification and, by the way, track competitor prices. Additionally, as a business, you can monitor and detect online fraud, including account fraud and advertising fraud.

  • Speed and latency

If you are pursuing data collection and market research, its better download speeds and lower latency are highly safe for your web scraping activities. 

Overall, compared to other types of proxies, residential proxies provide an additional layer of security benefiting social media marketing activities. By routing internet traffic through residential network, you can prevent your IP address from being discovered by hackers and other online threats. However, keep in mind that renting a residential proxy from an untrusted place may violate the policies of the website and online services. Then it is crucial to find out the best place to rent Residential proxy network. The final section below will highlight how you choose a residential proxy without risk. 

benefits of using residential proxies

Final thoughts – Where to buy Residential proxies 

Residential IPs are genuine and more reliable than other proxies. Depending on your goals for web browsing, you can buy a different number of residential proxies. If you are looking to buy residential proxies at a competent place, then no need to check out many places. Proxygeo presents you with a wide selection of proxy packages and specifies main features for you to make it easier to choose from. Proxygeo also focuses on building a professional customer service  team to keep clients staying longer.  

  • Suit your various needs and uses

You need to ask a question: what will you use proxies for? If you just need a few IPs to protect your identity you can choose to buy unique IPs as well as private proxies. With the need for large-scale data scanning and the best security enhancement, the residential proxy solution might be a better fit. The variety of pricing options will help you get a more suitable proxy package without wasting your budget.

  • Geo-targeting

Vietnam, USA and UK residential proxies help to unlock content worldwide securely. Our proxies always comply with website regulations and keep your identity safe all the time.

  • Appropriateness to SEO optimization and social media management 

Social media management or SEO optimization can be a goal for many people all over the world. Then residential proxies play an important role in websites that require login before visiting. Our proxies not only help you verify identity for multiple accounts and increase website traffic smoothly. Without further ado, let’s enjoy one of the largest residential proxy networks at proxygeo.

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