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Proxy acts as a gateway between user devices and the sites they visit which has become an important part of the MMO world. Proxy server helps you bypass many of the strict requirements of social networking particularly and web browsing generally.  Surfing the web on the same IP may result in being blocked or suspended, which can delay your business operations and cause a lot of damage to your business. On that basis, a proxy server is established to help businesses and marketers thoroughly fix this issue. Besides, the proxy market has had a strong growth in recent years, there are so many providers for you to choose from. For making a proper decision, you can take a look at where is the best place to buy proxies and comprehensive guide about how proxy works. 

Why are proxies so important in the online world? 

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Protect your privacy

Proxies help protect privacy by hiding your IP address and providing anonymity while browsing the internet. Once you surf the web through proxies, the IP address of your network will be hidden and others will not be able to track your online activity. This is highly useful for you and for those who need privacy and want to keep their accounts safe. Also, proxies can provide an extra layer of security for online activities.

Get access to country-restricted content

Proxies enable users to bypass restrictions from websites or countries. Accordingly, you can use proxies from other countries to access sites that are not available in your country. Hence, the US proxies help to access to all needed information and overcomes barriers smoothly.

Load balancing and performance optimization

Load Balancing is a method of distributing load or network traffic from clients to multiple servers. As a result, it is possible to make the most of resources, speed up response to access and avoid overload on a server. Load Balancing ensures to handle simultaneous access from multiple different clients to your website. Proxy cache stores copies of web pages, minimizing bandwidth usage and improving response times, ultimately providing a better user experience.


Proxy is essential for web scraping or multiple access on one device. In fact, you will not be able to login multiple accounts on the same IP without proxies. When accessing multiple accounts on the same device, it requires you to have proxies to maintain anonymity and prevent your IP from being discovered, so proxies contribute greatly to your growth on social media and optimize your performance. Ultimately, by using a proxy server, your web requests will appear genuine and not be flagged as surprising activity.

How does proxy work with your business?

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1. Proxy for Data Gathering and Market Research

Each proxy acts as an IP address assigned to each network line. When a user makes a request to access a website or online resource, the request first goes through a proxy server, which then forwards the request on behalf of the user. Many businesses use it to scrape the web and collect data from websites for market research, competitor analysis, lead generation, and other purposes. For this purpose, clients will use alternate proxies, which help prevent IPs from being blocked and maintain anonymity while collecting data from multiple sources. Accordingly, businesses can collect prices from competitors’ websites and make the necessary changes.

2. Ads verification and fraud prevention

Advertisers and ad networks often use proxies to verify the placement and validity of ads on different websites. Proxies allow them to check that ads are being displayed correctly and prevent fraudulent activities, such as click or impression fraud.

3. Buy proxies for social media marketers

Proxy is currently one of the most searched keywords on social media, especially facebook groups. To simulate human behavior and successfully log into bulk accounts, you need proxies to avoid detection and not being flagged by social platforms. Proxies help you manage multiple social accounts and channels from different locations. Accordingly, the best way to boost your growth on social media and make the process uninterrupted is to buy proxies in a reputable and well-organized site.

Ultimate Guide to Buy proxies – US Residential Proxies

There are so many proxies that have been and are growing for you to choose from. Hence, it is so hard to know which one is the best and suitable most for your business. Below our comprehensive guide will show you how to check an effective supplier to buy highend proxies. Thanks to a large number of premium proxies offered on a monthly basis, proxygeo has been a pioneer in proxies since its launch. Proxygeo is also one of the largest providers of residential proxies, making it the go-to choice for any activity that requires high intensity. Also, one of our proxies are targeted mostly in the US which is the one with the biggest growth in the world.

1. Buy proxies for multi-purpose

Why can you use proxies for multiple purposes? Proxygeo gives you millions of US IPs with high speed every month. The US is a country with outstanding development in both socio-economics, especially e-commerce. Through US IPs, you can access various content that might be restricted to your country. Secondly, they are highly valuable for market research, which gives you an overview of localized content, trends and strategies. More importantly, it protects your privacy and prevents tracking, so that no one knows what information you are collecting. What’s more, US-level targeted proxies facilitate you to run ads smoothly and optimize your keywords. More specifically, this is a widely used product by social media marketers who are looking to enhance their online presence using different IPs.

2. Unlimited bandwidth – Buy proxies from proxygeo

Our proxy packages make the difference with running with multiple threads and unlimited bandwidth. By buying proxies from us, you can enjoy smooth and uninterrupted data transfer between the user’s device and the proxy server. There are many services on the market that require additional costs for bandwidth expansion, so proxygeo is a cost-effective solution for businesses with substantial data transfer on a regular basis.

3. High speed

High connection speed is a basic requirement that anyone wants to achieve prior to buying proxies. Basically, unlimited-bandwidth proxies contribute to faster speeds because there is no limit on data transfer. Moreover, our proxy server is capable of managing server load effectively, ensuring a high-speed experience.

In sum, proxies contribute greatly to the growth of businesses in today’s online world. The best way to optimize your SEO and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing is to buy Proxies where there are large and premium sources of proxies as proxygeo.

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